How to Grow Your Business: Best Practices

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How to Grow Your Business: Best Practices

In 2022, two out of the top three priorities business leaders have are business-growth related, according to the Guidant: 41.02 percent want to expand or remodel their business and 51.04 percent want to hire more staff (the final priority, if you’re curious, is digital marketing for 39.70 percent). Growth may top your priority list too. A healthy business keeps innovating, adding more customers, and, of course, growing its bottom line. offers some insight into the best practices to follow when growing your business:

Figure out customer pain points

Growth happens when you can find demand and satisfy it. One of the best ways to find demand, and sometimes create it, is by identifying customer pain points in your industry or niche. These are challenges they face daily or wishes they have for their business. If you can solve their challenges – faster, more conveniently, and cheaper than your competitors – then have an opportunity for growth. As Trigger can confirm, countless successful companies have used this formula to achieve stable growth.

Network and build strategic partnerships

Networking is critical for several reasons. It raises your profile, puts you in touch with potential new customers and employees, helps you find mentors, and can assist you in finding strategic partners. Strategic partners are complementary businesses that can help you to reach new markets or give you access to new customers. You can cross-promote each other’s businesses for more growth.

Make informed decisions with data analytics

Data analytics is the practice of gathering information and then deriving insight from it. Instead of relying on the usual guesswork or estimates, you can use facts to base business decisions. These decisions can range from how to develop the most impactful product to how best to expand your business in a particular market.

Reconsider your business structure

Having an appropriate business structure is critical. It determines your tax liability, paperwork, the flexibility of doing business, and other things. If you haven’t already formed a business structure, you should look into doing so. Forming an LLC, for instance, offers benefits like limited liability, less paperwork, and tax advantages. You can file the LLC paperwork yourself or use a formation service to avoid paying steep lawyer fees. LLCs are based around state law, so check the local rules before moving forward.

Use process mining to be more efficient

Growth is more than launching a new product or finding a new market – it’s also scaling, which is maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste. An excellent way to scale is through process mining. This is a methodology that optimizes and automates processes. Data is used to discover, validate, and improve workflows, which benefits your whole business. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also boosts sales, allows risk management, and assists you in finding hidden opportunities for scaling. To get started, find potential data sources, map out a timeline, and determine key stakeholders.

Redo your marketing to be more appealing

Every expansion initiative must be accompanied by a solid marketing campaign. The best marketing campaigns are relevant to the times and make use of impactful strategies like influencer marketing, social media, email newsletters, and video marketing. Video marketing, for instance, allows you to tell an engaging story that can truly bring your products and services to life. You can create compelling video content yourself through an online tool. You can quickly combine videos or edit them from your browser, keeping the best moments or creating a relevant story reel.

Learn continuously

The most successful business owners make it a point to improve themselves constantly. As a business leader or owner, your personal growth also influences your business growth. It can make you more innovative, more capable, skilled, and approachable, for instance. Focus on picking up soft skills like focus, prioritization, time management, honing your emotional intelligence, and being a good leader. can help you pick up and master a range of hard technical skills, from online business essentials to customer service and sales.


Be prepared for business challenges. You may have to contend with money issues, delays, disasters, unforeseen expenses, problem customers, and more. The key to success is perseverance and savvy use of business strategy. You can use business process mining to be more efficient, and redo your business structure and marketing to better position yourself for success.

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