IT Skills

Help employees to feel more confident in their IT skills, to improve their efficiency and productivity, while keeping company data safe and secure.

IT skills training

In many workplaces, it doesn’t matter whether your job is directly related to computing or not – you can guarantee your role will require computer work in some shape or form, to automate certain tasks, streamline communication, collaborate with teammates, and more.

To feel confident in their job, some employees may need a helping hand to work the office programs they’re required to use on a daily basis. Knowing how to use essential software, such as the Microsoft Office suite or Google Apps, will help these team members to become more efficient and productive on a daily basis.

In addition to knowing basic computing skills, it’s vital that all employees understand how to keep company (and customer) data secure and safe. With the rise of cyberattacks, malware, phishing scams, identity theft, and third-party fraud, data security and information privacy training has never been more important.

IT Skills
Online IT skills courses

Online IT skills courses

Online training courses provide employees with a quick and easy way to get their IT skills up-to-speed, allowing them to feel more confident using the popular software programs found in many workplaces.

You can enrol staff in online training courses for the Microsoft Office suite, to help them become fluent in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. Or help them to acquire new IT skills in programming, coding, and web development, through online training in CSS, Javascript, and HTML.

All staff should complete data privacy and information security training, covering topics such as cyber security awareness, secure document sharing with mobile devices, protecting against malware, and understanding two-factor authentication and strong passwords.

The truth is, most data breaches can be avoided. But it’s up to you to provide your employees with effective training so they understand their responsibilities.

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Finding the right workplace health and safety training solution can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be, with GO1 Premium.

GO1 offers a wide range of high-quality online training courses, covering all aspects of workplace health and safety such as fire safety, manual handling, electrical hazards, and risk assessment.

It’s particularly important that workplace health and safety training materials are both accurate and easy to understand – even for those whose first language is not English.

With GO1 Premium, we bring together training content from the best providers across the world, to give you a wide selection of workplace health and safety training materials to choose from to suit your needs.


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