Controlling Anger

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Anger is a part of the human experience. If not managed properly, anger can be destructive. But anger can also be used for your benefit once you learn to identify, manage, and channel it. In this course, we help you make sense of anger. You’ll learn how to identify your triggers, how to get to the root of your anger, and how to channel anger to your highest good. This training shows you how anger can be a tool for personal and professional growth, and a catalyst for improving both your relationships and your results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the most common myths about anger.
  • Explore the differences between suppressing anger and using calming techniques to gain control.
  • Recall what happens when you get triggered and use a formula to understand your triggers.
  • Recognize unwanted behaviors and explore how to replace with desired behaviors.
  • Identify three components of responsible language as a tool for managing anger.
  • Explore a three step process to build the space needed to respond to anger appropriately instead of reacting.


Topics Discussed:

  • Understanding the Cycle of Anger
  • How To React and Not React
  • How To Maintain Control
  • How To Keep an Objective Attitude
  • HowTo Deal with the Issue at Hand
  • Finding the Solution for the Problem
  • The Importance of a Plan
  • The Smart Approach
  • How To Handle Angry People
  • Pulling it All Together






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