Assertiveness & Self Confidence



We all get frustrated when we feel taken advantage of, or alternatively, respond too aggressively when we feel provoked or trapped. Overcome these knee-jerk responses by learning how to be assertive. This course reveals what assertiveness really means, and how it is different from aggression, and outlines specific techniques you can use to respond to challenging situations and difficult people.

Confidence is crucial to personal and professional success. People who aren’t confident tend to miss out on new challenges, relationships, and opportunities. The good news is self-confidence is self-perpetuating; once you develop it, confidence can buoy you from one situation to the next. In this course,weshare simple and practical techniques to build and maintain self-confidence.


Learning Objectives

  • Identifying your current mindset
  • Avoiding the passive-aggressive trap
  • Reducing negative emotions
  • Handling everyday putdowns
  • Learning to disagree by questioning
  • Knowing the most effective words to use
  • Mastering the best techniques to build self confidence
  • Learning how to own the situation
  • Knowing how to embrace the imperfection
  • Understanding how confidence is sustained


Topics Covered:

  • Self-Confidence Meaning?
  • Challenges & Obstacles
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • The Emotional Side of Things
  • Appearance is Important
  • Your Voice & Tone
  • Presentations Skills
  • How To Handle Difficult Situations




For Individuals

For Teams