Change Management Fundamentals


Change is hard, but necessary for businesses to thrive and survive. You—as leader or manager—can help implement new business processes and initiatives using organizational change management (OCM). This course discusses the principles and techniques necessary to drive change at the project level, in a certain business area, or throughout an entire organization. The training helps you prepare, manage, and support the change process, outlining the five phases involved and the eight competencies required for success. The program also helps you understand the stages of change on an individual level, so you can help team members and stakeholders adapt.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the approach to motivate others through a change.
  • Distinguish the steps and benefits of change management phases.
  • Explain how training is addressed as part of the change implementation and support phase.
  • Interpret the components for communicating a change initiative.
  • Recognize the skill set needed for a change champion.
  • Identify the type of results that can be revealed when evaluating a change.


Course Outline:

  • The Initial Tasks
  • Explaining the Benefits
  • Effects of the Change on the Individual Team Memebrs
  • Managing the Change Process from A to Z
  • Motivating the Relevant Parties
  • The Positivity Approach
  • Understanding the benefits of Going Outside the Confort Zone
  • Adaptability and Flexibility





For Individuals

For Teams