Communication Skills Training



In Communication Skills for Professionals, students learn how to effectively communicate in a business environment. The course introduces important elements of successful communication, providing examples of effective communication and providing students opportunities to practice the same. The course covers the essentials of communication including professional writing, visual aids, presentations, speeches, phone and online communication.

Learn how to communicate more effectively. Your communication skills affect your career prospects, the value you bring to your company, and the likelihood of your promotion.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recall the four pillars of a business scenario.
  • Explore the term ‘people’ in the context of a communication scenario.
  • Recall how the Think, Feel, Do model applies to a communication scenario.
  • Identify the parts of the message in a communication scenario.
  • Recognize the ‘channel’ in a communication scenario.
  • Apply the importance of context in a communication event.
  • Review the most important components of listening.
  • Organizing your thoughts
  • Speaking slowly, naturally, and confidently
  • Breathing properly
  • Using your body to reinforce speech
  • Managing facial expressions
  • Handling nervousness
  • Voice modulation, eye contact, and gestures


Course Outline:

  •    The Most Important Soft Skill
  •    Communication Challenges
  •    Verbal vs Non-verbal Communication
  •    Speaking Skills
  •    Listening Skills
  •   The Art of Asking Question
  •   Positive Attitude
  •   The Art and Science of Conversation
  •   Advanced Case Studies






For Individuals

For Teams