Corporate Ethical Behavior



Not only does corporate behaviour play various roles within different areas of a business, it also enables businesses to overcome any problems they may face.  Corporate behaviour is important in strengthening relationships within organisations between individuals, teams, and in the organisation as a whole. It is important as it reflects the values of the business and the extent to which it is ethical. Corporate behavior refers to the company values that defines it and makes it different and better than other companies. Portraying positive corporate behavior within a company facilitates strong brand image creation; consequently branding then strengthens the importance associated with corporate behavior.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role of corporate behaviour within different areas of a business
  • Align your company’s business goals and culture with corporate ethical behaviour
  • Learn how to implement and monitor desired corporate behaviors


Course Outline: 

  • The Psychology of Behavior
  • Role of Corporate Ethical Behavior
  • Types of Corporate Ethical Behaviors
  • Organizational Structure
  • Corporate Values and Ethics
  • Social Responsibility
  • Workplace Health and Safety Procedures
  • Creating and Implementing
  • Team Ethical Behavior
  • Internal Audit







For Individuals

For Teams