Developing Business Acumen


Having business acumen means understanding how your business operates. If you are interested in moving up in an organization, you need to understand what your organization’s competitive advantage is, what drives performance, and how you compete against other organizations. This knowledge helps you exercise good judgment when making business decisions. This online course explains the most common business topics and terms you need to be familiar with—business models, financials, strategy, sales and marketing, and other key concepts.


Learning Objectives:

  • Define and explain business acumen.
  • Describe different types of growth horizons.
  • Identify critical elements of knowing your business.
  • Explain the effects of price changes on profits.
  • List common growth methods.
  • Evaluate your initiative pipeline.
  • Define common business terms.
  • Assess trends and your competitive environment.
  • Explore the characteristics of a SMART goal.
  • List several business benefits of good customer service.
  • Identify common financial documents.
  • Review common financial analysis methods.
  • Recall the three common approaches to continuous process improvement.
  • Identify the differences between strategic, tactical, and operational goals.


Business Acumen Topics:

  • Understand the Business Environment.
  • Knowing the Numbers.
  • How To Manage the Various Business Risks.
  • Learn, Test, Apply & Reiterate.
  • Leadership & Management Skills.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving.






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