How to Read Body Language



Learning Body Language:

Research shows that when your verbal and nonverbal signals are out of alignment, people are forced to choose between what they hear and what they see. And subconsciously, they’ll believe your body language. In this course, the instructors reveal how body language is perceived and often misread, and shares tips for making a positive first impression within the first few seconds of any interaction. They also discuss the role of body language in cross-cultural communication, delve into the importance of body language for leaders, and show how you can establish leadership presence. Finally, they provide simple and effective tips on communicating with gestures and stance.

Learn how to decode body language and use it to build better relationships at home and work. The trainers explain how to get to the bottom of body language, starting with why it’s so hard to tell if someone’s lying. Some people may be displaying ‘dishonest’ behavior such as not giving direct eye contact or shuffling away, but it could be that they are naturally anxious. However, the course reveals significant tells, and then recommends ways that you can use to indicate interest and engagement, such as tilting your head and leaning forward. With these tips, you can decode the hidden motivations of others and maximize the effectiveness of your own communication.


Learning Objectives:

  • Assess how your body language signals are perceived.
  • Discover how to align your body language with your words.
  • Determine how to make a positive first impression.
  • Identify how to convey confidence.
  • Evaluate your vocal tone.
  • Detect body language lies


Body Language Course Topics:

  • Body language as a Communication Method
  • Interpreting Body Language
  • The Don’ts of Body Language
  • Male vs Female Body Language
  • The Non-Verbal Signs
  • The Expressive Face
  • Body Language in the Professional Environment
  • Detecting Unspoken Lies
  • How to Work On Your Body Language
  • The Body Words Alliance





For Individuals

For Teams