Mental Health and Wellbeing Guide for Managers – Checking In During COVID-19




Produced in conjunction with YES Psychology and Consulting; this video provides a simple guide for leaders and managers on checking in with staff during COVID-19.

During COVID-19 managers and leaders have been expected to adapt quickly and support their team. This video provides valuable information on what to ask, and how to ensure all the team’s wellbeing requirements are met.

Mental Health

A person’s sense of good physical, psychological, and social health and wellbeing. We typically say

someone is ‘mentally healthy’ if they are realising their potential, able to form positive relationships,

function constructively in their community, and can cope positively with life’s challenges.

Mental Illness

The general term used for a group of illnesses which significantly and persistently affects how a

person thinks, feels, and behaves. These patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours typically

have a negative impact on a person’s overall health and happiness, and capacity to function

in day-to-day life. Depression and anxiety are examples of mental illness. We can think of

mental illness being like any other health issue such as diabetes or heart disease, and understand

that it is real and treatable. Mental illness has both physical symptoms such as “being tired” or “having

a headache”, and psychological symptoms such as feeling “down” or “worried”.





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