New Managers Training


60% of first-time managers fail because the skill set required for the job is entirely different! Our First-time Manager program sets new managers up for success by providing them with the training and skills needed to make a smooth transition. A great start makes all the difference! New managers who receive the necessary tools, skills, and training, right from the start, are set up to become effective leaders who can foster engaged, productive direct reports and drive greater results for your organization. Our leadership training program for new managers will help to reduce burned-out managers, low morale among team members, and loss of promising talent.


Learning Objectives:

  • Establish identity as a manager.
  • List effective communication tips.
  • Distinguish types of decision-making styles.
  • Signal fairness and integrity.
  • Articulate how to best assert authority.
  • Helping people set goals
  • Managing performance problems
  • Delegating effectively
  • Building relationships
  • Managing your time
  • Creating a learning mindset


Course Outline

  • Managers are Made, Not Born
  • Create a Management Track
  • Define and Build Competencies
  • Managers Learn by Being Managed Well
  • Provide Tools
  • Provide Support
  • Identify Strong Candidates Early
  • Clearly Define the Management Track
  • Empower New Managers





For Individuals

For Teams