Problem Solving Skills

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While some people may be more talented than others in, say, songwriting or costume design, the ability to think and solve problems creatively is built into the human brain.

You can’t solve a problem unless you can get to the cause—and sometimes there’s more than one. In this course, learn techniques for identifying the root cause of a problem, generating options, and selecting the best solution. The instructor takes you through several methods for identifying what’s actually causing a problem, including looking at the whole system when a problem is actually a symptom of a larger issue. He also explains how to generate potential solutions using mind maps and decision trees, how to boost your creativity to help you come up with more insightful options, and how to use both logic and your intuition to select the right solution to your problem.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying the real problem
  • Generating possible solutions
  • Brainstorming
  • Boosting your creativity
  • Using your intuition and logic
  • Selecting the best solution
  • Considering implementation

Problem Solving Skills Course Outline:

o   The Problem Solving Techniques

o   Collecting Data

o   Analyzing the Problem

o   Looking for Creative Solutions

o   Narrowing Solutions

o   Determining the best Solution

o   Executing the Solution

o   Learning from the Experience





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