Sales Foundation Training



Sales is the most common profession globally, yet no one grows up dreaming of being a salesperson. Typically, salespeople have no formal training, schooling, or a common process to execute this role. This leads to misconceptions and poor performance that also makes sales one of the most hated professions. We are here to change that!

  • Start more interesting sales conversations
  • Separate yourself from the competition
  • Know where to spend your time
  • Move deals forward reliably and consistently
  • Close more sales without discounting or complicated negotiations


As thousands of professionals can attest, your team is going to not only discover a path to Sales Mastery, but also a path to personal growth and continuous improvement that will show them how to sell and how to succeed personally and professionally. What we are most proud of is the highest return-on-investment of any sales training company. What that means for you is a greater likelihood of your team meeting and exceeding your sales goals. We do that by starting with the basics.

What makes someone effective at sales? A genuine desire to help others solve problems. In this course, the trainer explains why and how the best salespeople learn how to see through the eyes of their customers. He outlines strategies to help you connect with and understand your customers’ needs, and position your product or service as the solution to their problem. He also provides a step-by-step how-to guide to creating your own sales process or identifying gaps in your existing one. 

Main Learning Outcomes:

  • The philosophy of sales
  • Identifying potential customers
  • Exploring buying motivators
  • Communicating the power of your solution
  • Developing an effective sales process





For Individuals

For Teams