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The easier way to source, book, and deliver training. If you want to add face to face courses to your current learning program or undertake a course not available in our content library, let us find the training you need.

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Let us take the hassle out of sourcing your training and receive a quote from multiple providers with a price match guarantee. You’ll get the best training solution, at the best price.

Entrepreneurial skills
Being a Likeable Boss

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We’ll do the hard work for you. Your Training Assistant will manage the booking and enrollment process for you, getting you all set up and ready to go.

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First aid

Meet the minimum requirements for workplace first aid compliance.

Information technology

Find and book information technology training for your team; developed and delivered by subject natter experts

Business skills

Reduce risk with up-to-date compliance training courses developed and delivered by compliance training experts.

Customer service

Could your team improve its relationship with your current and future customers? Contact Training Assist today.

“Premium has allowed us to provide courses in both the soft skills space and tech space, and that we can curate appropriate content that’s ready to go for our users, they’re thrilled."
Systems Manager & Trainer, Mid-Cape Home Centers
Heidi Kiewel-Spencer
Systems Manager & Trainer, Mid-Cape Home Centers
Systems Manager & Trainer, Mid-Cape Home Centers
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